Perth BJJ Open Gi

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Today I competed in my first BJJ competition. I competed in the 79 kg novice master 2 division. Unfortunately there were only two competitors, but fortunately I managed to win the match on points. It was challenging and great fun. It hopefully won’t be my last competition.

Shield-X Challenge

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Last week I participated in the Unearthed Shield-X Challenge as part of the System Health Lab team. We submitted a device called the FullStop Safety System. It was great to work with a bunch of highly-motivated young engineers. We where able to use a range of tools including 3-D printing, CAD drawing and open-source microcontroller […]


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This week I am presenting at the DeepSensor conference in Perth, which is part of the Festival of the Web conference. I’ll be talking about IoT and the disruptive effect that cheap and powerful sensors and microcontrollers might have on the oil, mining and gas industries.


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Recently I was invited to the Mainstream West and Mainstream East conferences on asset management, where I presented on the disruptive capability of smart sensing systems in asset management. This was some work that I did with a bunch of people from the System Health Lab and UWA.