I no longer maintain a copy of my CV on my website.

In an effort to reduce duplication, I simply provide links to some other websites which contain information about my professional experience, academic qualifications and publications etc.

I don’t have a long list of publications. This is a result of spending the majority of my career in an area which tends not to publish in the open literature.

You can find a basic profile containing my employment history, education, etc on LinkedIn.

You can access a list of my publications on Google Scholar or ORCiD.

My UWA page contains a fair bit of info, including a list of my publications with some info about citations, however I wouldn’t necessarily believe the info provided. For example, my paper on “Implementing the quantum random walk” from 2002 has 5 Scopus Citations according to the UWA page, 364 citations on Google Scholar and 218 citations according to the APS (as of July 2023). I would tend to believe the latter.